The Cork Wolfpack Howls

Founded in 1996, the Cork Rebels was the club who started ice & inline hockey in Cork. In 2005, the club re-structured to become the Cork Wolfpack. On November 2011, the club started its junior development programme.

Welcome to the Cork Wolfpack’s website!

We are an ice and inline hockey club based in Cork, Munster, Republic of Ireland. Founded in 1996, the Cork Wolfpack club provides inline hockey, sometimes referred to as roller hockey, from August to June at different locations but also ice hockey from November to January when Cork On Ice is up and running.

Inline hockey, similar to ice hockey, is a game where skaters from two opposite teams use hockey sticks to direct a disk-shaped puck into the opponent’s goal.
While both sports are very closely related, various details of the game, such as the playing surface, the rules, and the puck design have been adjusted to allow the use of inline skates at above-freezing temperatures.

In both sports, we have players as young as 3 and have teams for all levels up to the Senior Elite league. We have a strong junior development programme tailored to accompany players from a very young age to them becoming proficient hockey players. A team of coaches will be able to give individual feedback to players with a consistent followup over the course of a season.

Our junior programme consists of providing game theory sessions, physical and technical preparation practices (called ‘off-court’ or ‘off-ice’), annual individual meetings with players and parents/guardians, past game reviews, tournaments abroad, fun events, referee courses and more.

New players are always welcome at all levels and at all ages! You are encouraged to visit one of the many different training sessions throughout the week and give it a try!

These are exciting sports and we welcome you to our club. Please explore our site and contact us to check it out. We hope we'll see you soon at our practice! ;)

Corkonian one day! Corkonian Forever!

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Who we are

We are the biggest ice & inline hockey club on the island of Ireland. We seek to promote the sport of hockey for everyone whether it is simply for leisure or for high level competition.

Corkonian one day! Corkonian Forever!

A proper structure

Players and club members get to have proper training facilities depending on their needs. Youth players also benefit from a great coaching group in both ice hockey and inline hockey that will help them get better.

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Contact us at [email protected] or via Facebook, check our FAQ, look at our programmes, our events, try hockey for a few sessions, and register!