**2021 tournament cancelled due to COVID-19**

Cork Wolfpack – Bauer Ice Hockey Tournament April 2022

Ice & Inline Hockey Cork

The Event:

The « Trophee Bauer des Petits Champions », or The Bauer Little Champions Tournament, is a tournament taking place every year in April in the cities of Briançon, Gap and Orcières-Merlette 1850 which are all located in the French Alps, roughly 2-3 hours from Lyon.

It is the biggest under-age ice hockey gathering in Europe which has the characteristic of being played at 3 against 3 on the width of a third of the ice rink.
In 2020, before the tournament was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, clubs from 6 nations were about to participate: Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, France, Czechia, and us (Ireland).

You can take a look below at the teams in our U13 group (Group A) that we would have encountered during the first stage:

1 Les Rapaces Bleus Gap (France)
2 Cork Wolfpack CORK (Ireland)
3 Les Taureaux de Feu LIMOGES (France)
4 Les Jokers 2008 Cergy (France)
5 Foxes Academy Bolzano (Italy)
6 Hockey Strasbourg (France)
7 Rebel Team 2007 Leman (Switzerland)
8 H.C. Neufchâtel 2 Neufchâtel (Switzerland)

Teams in the other groups can be found in the link below:


The tournament will reach its 30th anniversary in 2021 and has had in its history 150 clubs (including 57 clubs from countries other than France). Fun fact: Ilya Kovalchuk, current NHLer of the LA Kings played in this tournament back in 1993 with the Dynamo Moscow.

To sum it up, this tournament is:

  • 3 ice rinks
  • 96 teams
  • 100 advertisers
  • 120 organizers
  • 480 games played in 3 days
  • 1000 players
  • 3000 spectators watching the finals.

The tournament’s rules:

  • Teams of 7 players minimum and 10 maximum (goalie(s) included)
  • Arena divided in 3 games areas, 3 games take place simultaneously
  • Games: 3 vs 3 (+ the goalie)
  • U9 (2012, 2013, 2014) play in Briançon, U11 (2010, 2011) play in Orcières-Merlette 1850 and U13 (2008, 2009) play in Gap**
  • Switch lines every 1.30 min
  • A game lasts 21 minutes
  • Penalty shots replace the 2 min penalty

*Not stated in the rules, but players can be brought in an older age group, although not more than a year’s difference. Players born in 2010 could play in the U13 tournament for example.

** Girls born in 2006 and 2007 may participate in the U13 tournament

Cost of registration:
Must be sent before the 20th of December 2020:

Registration fees: 100 € per team (After delivery, a confirmation will be sent to us).

Must be sent before the 30th of January 2021: Registration fees for Meals and Accommodation:

● Option with Meals included:
40 € per player and attendant. (including Saturday’s dinner, Sunday’s lunch and dinner and Monday’s lunch).

● Option with Meals and Accommodation included:
– If your journey is less than 1000 kilometres round trip: 75 € per player and per attendant.
– If your journey is more than 1000 kilometres round trip: 60 € per player and 75 € per attendant.

The registration fees include:
• 4 meals per person (Saturday’s dinner, Sunday’s lunch and dinner, Monday’s lunch) • 2 nights per person (Saturday/Sunday and Sunday/Monday).
• 2 breakfasts per person (Sunday and Monday morning).
• 3 snacks per person (Saturday, Sunday and Monday in the afternoon).

[NB]: – in Orçières-Merlette 1850 (U11) the team’s accommodation is in apartments (4-6 or 8 persons) or in collective centres; a 300 € deposit per apartment will be needed (it has to be given to the agency when they give you the keys). It will be given back to you after the tournament if the apartment is left clean and without any deterioration. In Gap and Briançon the team’s accommodation is in collective centres or in hotels. The teams who wish to arrive one night before will have to pay an extra night (in this case, we will need to contact them directly).

During the opening ceremony, each player will be given a tournament souvenir. Every single one of them are rewarded: medals or trophies.

Overall estimated cost (with the minimum 7 players in mind):

Registration fees: 100 € / 7 = ~14,30 €
Option with Meals and Accommodation included: 60 €
Cork – Dublin Airport by Bus and back: ~ 28 €
Dublin – Lyon Flight and back: ~250 € (with luggage)
Lyon Airport – Gap by Bus and back: Too many options and too early to get proper prices. Dismissed for now.
Or Lyon Airport – Gap by Train and back (add +1 hour to the trip): ~ 48 €
Rental cars option: price depending on what is available

Cost estimation per player: ~400/500€. This is not a fixed price, just an estimation of what to expect.

What the club aims for:

This tournament is the perfect opportunity for our club to do an international ice hockey tournament without relying solely on the IIHA and give players who would otherwise never get the chance to fly with the national team to have an international ice hockey experience. Most tournaments do not have the 3 vs 3 format, which excludes other opportunities for us since we would need around more than 12 players with the proper age and the availability to come which we do not yet have.

We will be providing a registration form below where you can register your kid.

We know the cost can be high, but the sooner we know who is willing to come and the sooner we know we have the numbers, the sooner we may begin a crowdfunding outreach and sponsorship campaigns to help fund this endeavour.

[N.B]: If you register your kid, you have to expect to pay the full amount by yourself in the event we would be unable to find outside funding. Just know, we will do our best to find sources of sponsorship

For the 2020/2021 edition, we will enter 2 teams. One in the U9 age group and the other in the U13 age group.

Now, motivation and willingness to participate are key factors always taken in consideration, therefore if by October 21st we do not have the minimum number of 7 players for an age group, the trip will be cancelled for that age group.

The tournament is extremely praised and spots for it go away really fast. We also need enough time to prepare everything: payments, organization of the trip, get the clearance to participate from two national ice hockey federations before the registration deadline.

If you have questions, please send an email to [email protected]