It’s natural for parents or guardians new to minor hockey or hockey in general to have questions, whether they’re about rules, equipment, registration, benefits, safety or something else. Cork Wolfpack’s hockey FAQ offers answers to some of the most common inquiries.

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Why should my kid(s) play hockey?

What are the costs of hockey? How are the costs of hockey determined, and how much of my fees go toward licensing and insurance?

How do Cork Wolfpack, IHI and IIHA associations ensure player safety?

What is the average weekly time commitment?


How does the registration system work?

What are the minor hockey age categories, and how are they determined?

What levels of hockey are available? What are the differences between the levels, and what are the benefits of each one?

How do the coaches determine which players are assigned to a specific team?

When does registration start?

How do I register my child? How can I access my child’s registration information?

At what age can my child start playing hockey?

Is there a female-only team?

Coaching / Respect in Sport

What training do hockey coaches receive?

Are there professional coaches at the minor hockey level?

I want to become a coach or a manager for my child’s team. Do I need to be a former player in order to become a coach? How do I register as a coach?

How can I learn the rules of hockey?

Financial Support

What financial support is available to families?

Logistics, Communications & Scheduling

What if we’re moving from another country? How do the player transfers work?

What if we are just visiting for a few days and to practice with some of your teams?

What days of the week will my child be on the ice?

Do we have to travel out of town, and if so, how often?

What equipment does my child need? How much does it cost and where can I find it?

Apart from registration and equipment, what other costs are involved in hockey? How will they be paid for?