The game

Floorball, Innebandy, Unihockey, or Salibandy, is a fast-paced hockey game that is played on foot with lightweight sticks and a plastic ball. It first appeared in the United States where it was played in physical education classes during the 1950s. However, the popularity of the sport did not take off until it was introduced to students in Sweden and Finland.

Floorball quickly became popular in schools and youth clubs throughout Scandinavia and parts of Europe wherein 1986, the International Floorball Federation (IFF) was founded by the federations of Sweden, Finland, and Switzerland.

One of the absolute advantages of Floorball is that it is very easy to become a player. Anyone regardless of age, physical condition, or gender can grab a floorball stick and join in the fun. It certainly has the potential to fill a niche for people who love hockey because it is played very similarly to hockey; however, Floorball does not require the skill of skating and with rules that prohibit hitting and checking, the sport is safe to play coed and with mixed age levels. It is also inexpensive compared to inline or ice hockey because the only equipment requirements for a field player is a stick and a pair of good indoor court shoes. Goalies require helmets, pads and gloves but they don’t play with a stick.

Floorball is very similar to ice hockey minus the ice, which is why many professional hockey clubs in Europe use it for off-season training to improve stick skills and foot speed. A floorball game is played between two teams that can use a maximum of 20 players each with lines of 5 players and a goalie. The usual formation is two wings, one center, two defenders, and one goalie. Games consist of three 20-minute periods of play.

It is a sport mainly played indoors but if you can find a flat and smooth surface it can easily be played outdoors.

Playing Floorball is perfect for players to improve on other aspects of the inline or ice hockey game. Players are allowed to focus more on stickhandling, shooting, positioning, communication and will allow them to express their creativity more freely. If you choose to play this sport you will see your ice and inline game improve really fast.

The gear

The club can provide and lend some gear for the beginners but we recommend players buy their own gear as soon as they can.

In our opinion, the best Floorball gear provider is and this is where the club buys the gear.

  • Field players


You can find many models going from really cheap to expensive. The weight of the stick is also very indicative of its quality. The lighter it is, the better your sensations will be.

How to choose your Floorball stick:

*Useful tip: If you are not happy with the curvature of the stick or you choose to pick a stick with a reversible hook, you can always modify it within reasons.

Boil some water in a saucepan and prepare a bucket of cold water nearby. Put the blade of your stick in the boiling water for 10-15 minutes, take it out, and with protective gloves modify the shape of your blade to suit your needs, within reasons. Then quickly put your blade in the cold water for 2-3 minutes to avoid the blade from taking its previous shape.

  • Goalies

Here,, you will find all the necessary gear for goalies: helmets, pants, jerseys, vests, protectors, gloves, goalie shoes. However, if you are just starting the sport and have already access to ice or inline hockey gear, ice/inline hockey helmets, field players shoulder pads, knee pads, girdle or hockey pants will do just fine. But we recommend players to at least invest in proper Floorball gloves to get the proper goalie experience.

  • Coaches

Coaches need to have a whistle, a hockey board (ice, inline and floorball will do just fine), a stick to demonstrate the drills, balls, cones, and bibs. Floorball nets can be quite expensive but you can start with 90x60cm collapsable accuracy nets before investing in the standard 160x115cm,×60-cm-collapsible-floorball-goal.

Floorball balls can be found here: Beginning with at least 30 balls is a good start.

Other training gear is also available here:

  • All players

All players should have shorts and pants, a workout t-shirt and vest, runners, a water bottle and a small towel.

*Players under 16: As is recommended by the IFF, players under the age of 16 should be wearing protective glasses. Many Floorball federations over the world have made this mandatory. That is why Cork Wolfpack has made it mandatory for all players under 16 to either wear protective glasses or an ice/inline hockey helmet. Above 16 and Senior players don’t have to wear glasses but it is recommended nonetheless. Goalies are also exempted from that rule as they have a full protective helmet.

You can find some here:

Information about the orders. Expect at least two weeks before receiving your orders.

Watch some Floorball action from our smaller Wolfpack, a.k.a. Wolfies.